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ADHD and Adults Counselling

According to the Center for ADHD Awareness in Canada, about 3-5% of Canadian adults (see notes). 

There are best selling books such as ADHD effect in marriage and different books about ADHD and adult men and ADHD and adult women.  These books help people to understand themselves and the common ways that ADHD affects people as adults. 

These books often serve as a primer for a person to begin to understand what has been happening in them. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and want to work on strategies for managing ADHD.  

If you are interested in learning strategies for managing ADHD. Perhaps you are interested in working with a couples therapist who specializes in working with couples where one or both partners have ADHD. Reach out today for a free consult.


Photo by Tim Johnson on Unsplash