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Jen Watt

When the old knee-jerk responses of “double-down” and work harder come up empty, we can figure it out together.

You can take your time to get comfortable. Diving into therapy won’t always feel natural. Entrusting your heart and story to a “stranger” shouldn’t feel easy. But we are meant to be seen. Jen’s primary goal is to provide a felt sense of being seen and heard. Together, you will find that wisdom within and feel like yourself again!

Whether it is anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, burnout from work, parenting stress, past or recent trauma, or ongoing struggles with unwanted behaviours… nothing feels too big for me to provide the support you need.

Jen’s two decades in non-profit working with individuals and teams paved way for her current work as a therapist. She describes herself as the person who “led people to the counselling door.” She stepped through that door to welcome people who take that first step.

Jen enjoys working with complex contexts of diversity to be a bridge and bring healing to individuals. Her personal and academic experiences have brought her to many continents around the world including East Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

Jen graduated from the University of Toronto, with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies, History and English. Now adding a Master’s of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counselling, Jen is a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO and a member of the Ontario Mental Health Professionals. Jen’s interests vary from interior design to watercolour, from furniture assembly to thrifting for treasures.

Jen has completed Internal Family Systems (IFS)-Level 1.

I provide virtual counselling services to individuals. I offer workshops and talking circles on mental health topics, for teams, moms or any groups.